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BALD SISTERS - Steppenwolf Theatre, Chicago

Lim is excellent in this show...

Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune 

The cast is led by the terrific Jennifer Lim as Him. Ms Lim...delivers a passionate, multilayered performance that will remain with audiences forever. Her character, who is losing her hair to chemo, has so many obstacles to overcome; and this gifted actress attacks each with a ferocity that is, at once, inspiring and sympathetic. 

Colin Douglas,

...[Lim] beautifully embodies Him's measured, mature demeanor, which makes it all the more powerful when [she] lets loose in a later moment of frustration with Sophea. 

Rachel Weinberg,

Above all, this work serves as a vehicle for the three Asian American female performers to dig into juicy, deeply-layered roles, and they are wonderful to watch, all bringing different, but equally calibrated, stage qualities to their characters. Lim plays the heavily burdened Him with unrelenting intensity...

Steven Oxman, Chicago Sun-Times

...Lim's deeply felt, deeply resonant performance as Him [...] grounds this play. Hers is the story we most want to hear and the one that sustains "Bald Sisters”.

Barbara Vitello, Daily Herald


Lim gives a most noteworthy performance, on opening night delivering one of those incredible Steppenwolf-style monologues, filled with fury and passion, so affecting that the audience burst into applause. 

Bill Esler,

TFANA Fefu 9 (c) Henry Grossman_edited.png
TFANA Fefu 3 (c) Gerry Goodstein_edited.jpg


… one can enjoy the work of the dazzling ensemble […] in which high comedy keeps company with many darker undertones. Jennifer Lim as the guest most accustomed to Fefu's outrageous home entertaining ideas… [has] faultlessly zoomed in on the author's peculiar wavelength.

David Barbour, Lighting & Sound America 

… each performer has a showcase moment, yet they serve the play and each other with palpable generosity… It’s pleasure after pleasure… a strong and necessary production. 

Helen Shaw, Vulture

… To observe such intimately drawn performances up close, in so enticing a physical word, feels like a seduction and a blessing... “If we’re showing what life is, can be,” one character says, “we must do theatre.”  This production is proof of that.

Naveen Kumar, Time Out NY

USUAL GIRLS - Roundabout Underground, NYC

… the best and most devastating moments are the quieter ones, two-handers between Kyeoung and a woman (Jennifer Lim), older and bitingly wiser…

Alexis Soloski, The New Yorker

… Kyeoung’s adult counterpart […] played by the beautifully grounded Jennifer Lim […] occasionally interacts with her younger self in a few touching moments of compassion.

Hayley Levitt, TheaterMania

Some of the most incisive sections feature a mature Asian-American woman (Jennifer Lim, Chinglish) delivering quiet monologues… 

Frank Scheck, The Hollywood Reporter

… Lim, elegant and poignant as a woman revealed to be Kyeoung at a later date… 

Elysa Gardner, New York Stage Review


… an all-star cast… Lim is particularly good at conjuring the kind of lashing niceness required to make [backhanded] comments really sting. She plays her character as gratingly perfect, the unimpeachable voice of reason.

Zachary Stewart, TheaterMania

… the cast boasts four very fine Off-Broadway performers, and they amplify the moments of connection… Lim and Braun find a warmth together that's lovely to watch… 

Helen Shaw, Village Voice

… a fantastic cast of four… Their spirited performances breathe full life into this fascinating show… deliver[ing] the well-crafted, fast-paced dialogue seamlessly.

Marina Kennedy,

The amazingly talented [Lim and Serralles] are a marvel as the female life partners of the tennis players… 

Scott Mitchell, What’s On Off Broadway


… An incandescently contrarian [Jennifer Lim]…

Laura Collins-Hughes, NYTimes (Critic’s Pick)


… thanks to committed performances […] we keep re-suspending our disbelief… Lim [as Wang] is aggravatingly abstruse (and therefore highly believable)…

Zachary Stewart, TheaterMania


Performances are strong throughout… finely acted by Lim...

Helen Shaw, Time Out


Wang Min, a pretentious but bewitching conceptual artist, […] is played with aplomb by Jennifer Lim…

Charles Wright, CurtainUp


Lim’s Wang Min plays her character of the artist in a way that is both witty and strategic… [her] exchanges are heated and passionate while trying to remain ladylike. The combination is brilliant. 

Courtney Marie,

TUMACHO - Clubbed Thumb, NYC


[This] Broadway-pedigree crew [are] experts in pursuing silliness seriously… find[ing an] amiable gentleness that matches Mr. Lipton’s low-key absurdism, which makes everything all the funnier.

Ben Brantley, NYTimes (Critic’s Pick)


Sheer talent and good feeling … [This] all-star nine-person cast [is] a full rogue’s gallery of comic performance… Everyone seems to be having the time of their lives.

Helen Shaw, Time Out


Topnotch actors… all working together to deliver bracing emotion amid the absurdity.

Nicole Serratore, Village Voice

AUBERGINE - Berkeley Rep, San Francisco Bay Area 


… [a] quick, smartly tart Jennifer Lim….

Robert Hurwitt, San Francisco Chronicle


… A wonderfully irate Jennifer Lim… Lim suggests Cornelia's love for Ray in the gaps in her bitterness… imbuing pauses and mute looks with heartbreaking eloquence…. 

Charles McNulty, Los Angeles Times


As Ray's erstwhile girlfriend Cornelia… Lim sparkles as the translator [...] softening the bluntness of one and the eccentricity of the other…

Karen D’Souza, San Jose Mercury News / Bay Area News Group


Some of the most hilarious parts of the play are the exchanges between Cornelia (the lovely Jennifer Lim), who speaks fluent Korean, and the uncle...     

Suzanne Weiss,

… Ms. Lim too is steady, under-stated, and true in her portrayal of a
sophisticated, accomplished woman… she brings humor and heart [to the scenes].    

Eddie Reynolds, TheatreEddys.blogspot,com



Finest of all is Ms. Lim in the central role... 

Charles Isherwood, NYTimes


[Lim’s] beautiful performance embraces opposites; [...] vulnerable and tough-minded,

gullible and nobody's fool… In Lim, [Cowhig’s play] has a magnificent cudgel; you cannot watch

her bright, open face without feeling wounded, struck right to the heart.

Helen Shaw, TimeOut NY


Lim evokes a subtly powerful performance that is bound to leave you moved and haunted. 

Roma Torre, NY1 


… the play really belongs to Jennifer Lim, who gives a virtuoso performance as the long-suffering Sunny. Watching her... is a lesson in acting at its most controlled and powerful. 

Jack Helbig, Chicago Reader


Lim gives a compelling performance as Sunny...

Zachary Stewart, TheaterMania


…the one center stage almost the entire night was (an excellent) Jennifer Lim... She carried this

world on her shoulders and made it look easy.

Michael Giltz, Huffington Post


[Lim] is outstanding as the brightly optimistic Sunny… appealing, articulate and sincere in her portrayal of an unsung, rural Chinese heroine... Jennifer Lim is immaculate.  

Colin Douglas, Chicago Theatre Review

THE MOST DESERVING - The Women's Project, NYC

The excellent cast is led by a terrific female trio... Ultimately, it's [Lim]’s flawed defense of a

self-taught genius that sends a more serious salvo into this heartland culture war.

Molly Grogan, Village Voice


 A straightforward and sympathetic Jennifer Lim… Excellent actors…

Molly Matera, JUiCYHEADS


… brought to life by the skilled and familiar cast. The company is a well-oiled ensemble

[bringing] nuance and tics to each [of the characters]… 

Joshua Rose, Theater Pizzazz

GOLDEN CHILD - Signature Theatre, NYC

​As the second (and most ambitious) of the wives… Lim sparks with cunning and brashness...

 Andy Propst, Theatermania

… A nefarious Jennifer Lim… [who is] both deliciously villainous and deeply sympathetic...
Scott Brown, New York Magazine​


… [the actors do] stellar jobs portraying women who were put into positions almost inconceivably unfair. Lim, in particular, reveals a surprising amount of heart beneath all her character's sass…
Melissa Rose Bernardo, Entertainment Weekly


Jennifer Lim is especially forceful as the scheming second wife Eng Luan.
Elyse Sommer, Curtain Up

Jennifer Lim is a hungry and determined Luan.
Erik Haagensen, Backstage


... Lim wring[s] every bit of intensity from [her] role...
Matthew Murray,

CHINGLISH - Longacre Theatre, Broadway

(Full press packet available, please contact Donna DeStefano at SirenSong Entertainment)

Lim is just plain superb ...Rarely do we get to see a woman over the age of 30 and under the age of 60 express herself with such self-possession, such unquirky steadiness of soul, such sexual and emotional matter-of-factness. Funny, fierce, effortlessly precise (she transforms one word — "What?" — into a dizzying symphony of evasions, feints, and strategic retreats), Lim turns in a Tony-worthy performance of a marvelous role, a triumph in any language. 
Scott Brown, New York Magazine

...Xi Yan, the gorgeous but treacherous Vice Minister, played with ferocious comic energy by the enchanting Jennifer Lim. 
Marilyn Stasio, Variety

...complex [and] charismatic... cool-headed pragmatist Xi Yan... is both forthright and underhand in Lim’s biting, whip-smart performance.
David Rooney, The Hollywood Reporter astonishing Jennifer Lim...Hwang has written fully fleshed out characters and none more so than Lim's Xi, an auspicious Broadway debut. Starting from a cartoonish sharp-tongued caricature and then slowly blooming with complexity, Lim shows Xi as lustful, funny, angry and guilty...
Mark Kennedy, Associated Press

Jennifer Lim as the multi-faceted Madame Xi is riveting... 
Roma Torre, NY1

Jennifer Lim is tough, tight, yet also vulnerable and touching as Xi Yan, fully illuminating the character's complexity while landing laugh after laugh with her superb comic timing.
Erik Haagensen, Backstage

This is Ms. Lim's Broadway debut, and she's a knockout... tough, smart and sexy.

Terry Teachout, Wall Street Journal

THIS ISN'T ROMANCE - Soho Theatre, London


The Yale-trained Jennifer Lim is highly impressive as Miso, managing to modulate the character's ferocious mix of lust, anger, guilt and self-hatred.
Michael Billington, The Guardian

Jennifer Lim is a wonderful Miso, sexy and driven...
**** Michael Coveney, Whatsonstage

Startlingly intense... a bold turn from Jennifer Lim...
**** Evening Standard

Lim impressively tackles the part of Miso… A difficult and potentially unsympathetic part… Lim's expert performance ensures that the audience are both engaged and emotionally invested in Miso's fate.
Charlotte Loveridge, Curtain Up

… a strong cast, led by Jennifer Lim, whose Miso is convincingly both needy and feisty...
Aleks Sierz, The Stage





… But it's Juhn and Lim who really make this play soar, completely embracing the play's bone-dry humor to create utterly unique characters. Together they give this odd relationship an emotional resonance it wouldn't have in less capable hands.

Tom Penketh, Backstage



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